When you want to dress like the celebs…..

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Where can I get bridesmaid dresses?

How can I dress like the celebs?

How much is a Swarovski gown for?

I have heard these questions a several times from friends, family and acquaintance and I write this article with a purpose of answering them all.

Dressing like the celebs or buying that perfect Swarovski gown for your bridesmaid dress is a much easier deal today, thanks to all the competitive market in couture fashion wear.

What is couture fashion wear?

Couture is basically a French term that literally means ‘high fashion’. It involves the process of dressmaking, needlework, or putting together the fashion wear. The unique part about couture wear is that it is made specifically according to one’s body type and measurement and fits the body of the wearer perfectly. Often the designs are customized for the client and never repeated again for the second time. This ensures that every design is a classic and remains one.

Where is couture fashion wear available?

There are several reputed fashion stores where the fashion enthusiasts can book an appointment for themselves and shop in peace. The designers in the stores will not only help you in getting your favorite dress together but also in making the right choice according to your personality.

While there are several online couture stores as well, I will highly recommend visiting a store personally. Since genuine and very fine couture fashion can often cost a fortune, it is very important to check everything from the quality of the fabric, stitching material etc. personally before you make a choice. If you really have to buy online, look for some exclusive stores that deal in high-end couture fashion and do not forget to find customers’ reviews about them.